Dating persian rugs

dating persian rugs

Many people would be hard pressed to tell what type of construction their rug uses, much less details about where and when it may have been made. View image of Credit: It is important to look for damage—color runs, faults or any other clear depictions of problems—within images of an Oriental rug to make determinations about the feasibility of restoration. Alternatively, if the carpet was bleached, there will be a discrete band of color in the middle. For this, it is important to know how rug making originated and where the original weavers got their dyes from.

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The timeless appeal of the Persian rug

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Right, because that was the only time period when they did that sort of technique yes.

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How To Tell The Age Of Oriental Rugs

Because of the freezing cold temperatures in the northern Persian region, these nomadic tribes people took to weaving thick warm rugs from the wool they sheared off their sheep. Well, that's hard to say because I have to say it comes from a lot of handling, buying, selling, touching and knowing something about a rug. Regardless, these differences can make an enormous difference in appraised value.

dating persian rugs
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