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Had I been born in another time, I might already be dead. I have a piece of floss hidden away somewhere. Chief of Police is making eggplant lasagne tonight so I want this thing to get over pronto. BLUE FLOWERS i woke up wanting blue flowers i sat in the sun eating cantaloupe it was diced into small squares and i ate them one by one with a gleaming metal fork i try swimming in the ocean at least once a year each time i like it less why is it a crime to dislike the ocean i lie very still on the bed while my husband is sleeping he likes that i would be lost without him what kind of love is that he once asked if i would die for him and i said no and we had a fight what kind of love is that i woke up wanting blue flowers around me above me inside. Their laughter gradually decreased as they sat in the park. Magic Flute Nudes You can follow her on Twitter suzannahweiss.

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Viva - A Pleasant Surprise

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5 Problems with the Social Idea That ‘Women Are More Aesthetically Pleasing’

I thought I was like the dogs, or I thought I was nothing like the dogs. Anything visible, you can see. Eventually, he made his move for the tunnels.

nudes that are pleasant
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